Mapping the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Utah


This survey is part of a national research project led by Endeavor Insight. The information you provide will help to increase support for local entrepreneurs by identifying the greatest challenges faced by companies like yours and sharing these findings with local and national leaders. This project will also allow us to include your company in the first interactive map of Salt Lake City's entrepreneurship community.

The data collected in this survey will only be analyzed for the purposes of this project, by Endeavor Insight and our research partners. By participating you agree that basic information on you and your network will be shared in social network maps, similar to those found on If you have any questions about this project, please contact our team at Thank you for your time and participation.

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What companies have you founded in Salt Lake City?

Please list all of the companies that you have founded or co-founded, even if they are no longer active or you are no longer involved.

Acquired by: Year acquired: Company sold for (US$)….
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Have you received any investments?

An individual investor is someone who has personally (not as an employee of a fund) made an equity or debt investment in your company. An institutional investor is a firm with outside capital that has made an investment in your company.

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Have you invested in any entrepreneurs in Salt Lake City?

An angel investment is a debt or equity investment that you have personally made (not as an employee of a fund) in another company. An institutional investment is a debt or equity investment that you have made as an employee of an institutional investor with outside capital.


Please list any Salt Lake City entrepreneurs that have mentored you.

A mentor is someone who has advised you on critical business issues at least three times for periods longer than 30 minutes.

Please list any Salt Lake City entrepreneurs you have mentored.

A mentee is someone who you have advised on critical business issues at least three times for periods longer than 30 minutes.


Please list any entrepreneurs who have inspired you.

An inspirer is someone who inspired you to start your business and become an entrepreneur. You do not need to know them personally.

Please list your former employees that have gone on to found companies in Salt Lake City.

Final Questions

Please briefly share your perspective on these final questions.

Please list the names of any co-working or collaborative spaces you have used.

Why did you choose to start your business in Salt Lake City?

Where did you get the idea to start your company?

What is your ultimate goal for your company?

What is the greatest challenge preventing your business from growing faster?

To what degree have you found the following elements to be obstacles to running your business in Salt Lake City?

Access to suppliers
Access to customers
Access to debt financing
Access to equity financing
Availability of top managers with the qualifications your business requires
Availability of scientists and engineers with the qualifications the business requires

Please rate the level to which you agree with the following statement:
'At the time I started my company, I was sure that myself and my family would have food and shelter for the next 12 months based on my personal savings, other income streams, or additional resources.'

Optional: Please tell us a little about your background.

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